BALDWIN CITY, KANSAS — Baker University has earned a top-50 ranking for economic value from The Economist. The list announced last week was the publication’s first-ever college ranking. Baker sits 49th among 1,275 universities across the nation. The second-closest Kansas institution was ranked 130th. This distinction complements the latest U.S. Department of Education study, which stated that Baker graduates, on average, earn higher salaries 10 years after graduation than graduates from any other Kansas institution.

Universities were ranked based on their alumni earnings above expectation, what The Economist believes to be the most important factor when choosing a college. It defines the economic value of a university to be equal to the gap between graduates’ earnings and how much they might have made had they studied elsewhere, or more simply, the average return on investment for graduates. More than 98 percent of Baker’s graduates are enrolled in graduate school or employed full time six months after receiving their diplomas.

The Economist factored in data such as average SAT scores, demographic information, number of students with federal Pell grants and areas of study when looking at effectors of median earnings. View the full report

“Every day it seems like Baker is recognized for another achievement,” said Baker University President Dr. Lynne Murray. “Workforce preparedness is among one of Baker’s top academic priorities, and making this list further demonstrates our dedication to shaping students in a way that extends beyond their time here.”

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