Baker University announced the 2019 BOOK Award winners in a ceremony late last month. During the Baker Organizational Observation for Knowledge program, students intensify their internship experience by interviewing managers, department heads, and CEOs to learn more about the organization. During the competition for cash awards, they make a formal presentation to a panel of professionals and alumni.

The BOOK program began during Baker’s January interterm in 2007 and has continued for 12 summers. To participate in the BOOK program, students enrolled in a summer internship can research and present a profile of their internship organization. Alumni judges rate the presentations based on criteria developed by the Office of Career Services and the Department of Business and Economics. Students are assessed on how well they get to know the business practices and culture of the hosting organization. BOOK participants often expand and enhance their experience by taking the initiative to seek executives who provide further insight as well as context for the various business components within the organization.

“This opportunity for students with internships to profile their organizations is challenging,” said Dr. Kevin McCarthy, professor of Business and Economics. “It takes a lot of confidence to convince the judges you know a lot about your organization and understand how it works. They have to go outside their immediate work space to learn about the company as a whole, and it makes for a more well-rounded experience.”

Simeon Windibiziri won the grand prize and $1,500. During his internship, he ran analytics at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. After his internship, Hill’s offered Windbriziri a position after he graduates, and he has accepted the offer.

“I appreciate the recognition,” Windbriziri said.“I put in a lot of time this summer, and it was cool to be validated for that.”

The following students received Outstanding Merit Awards:

  • Ethan Herring (Textron) – $1,000
  • Billy Wagemaker (Tutera) – $500
  • Jarrett Alley (Credico) – $100
  • Trevor McCracken (Oncimmune) – $100

Two awards were given for analysis of the internship-hosting organization’s treatment of social responsibility. These awards were given to Simeon Windibiziri and Ethan Herring, along with $250 apiece. Congratulations to all students involved.

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