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MBA Concentrations

Specializations that align with the most popular and most needed roles in business.

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MBA Concentrations: Your Options at Baker


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can give you the qualifications and credentials you need to expand your career options, be considered for advancement, increase your salary, and boost confidence.

An MBA concentration takes these benefits to the next level. Choosing an MBA concentration allows you to tailor your MBA courses to a specific field of business, turning you into a specialist. For example, an MBA in supply chain management prepares you to manage logistics and supply chain strategies, while an MBA in health care administration readies you to manage clinical settings.

At Baker University, you can increase your skills and knowledge in a certain business area and customize your MBA to your professional interests and career goals. You’ll stand out and increase your marketability in the workforce.

Baker MBA concentrations can be earned online—so you can study and grow from anywhere as you prepare for roles at the director and executive level in whatever field or industry you love most.

Program Details: MBA Concentrations

Your business learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can earn an MBA concentration without moving or leaving your full-time job.

  • Earn your degree from anywhere and develop specialized skills.
  • Seven-week classes help you finish MBA courses quickly.
  • No GRE or GMAT is needed.
  • MBA curriculum is designed for working professionals.
  • You’ll take 18 credit hours of foundational and core MBA courses + 12 credit hours of courses for MBA concentrations.

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Program Highlights: MBA Concentrations

We offer eight unique MBA specializations to align with the most popular—and most needed—roles in business.

You can choose from these MBA concentrations at Baker:

Data Analytics

Learn how to use practical tools to uncover the insights hidden in data as you become an objective data practitioner who’s comfortable using business intelligence, data visualization, and other statistical tools to grapple with real-world business problems.


Develop skills in corporate finance strategy, financial planning, and investments and portfolio management so you can help direct how money moves within an organization. You’ll understand business fundamentals while expanding your focus on financial management.

Health Care Administration

Prepare for a leadership or management role in health care—one of the fastest-growing and most challenging industries. Learn how to employ technical, analytical, and decision-making skills to solve complex organizational challenges in hospitals and health care organizations.

Human Resource Management

Choose a human resources specialization if you want to drive employee recruitment, development, and effectiveness while consulting on employee issues and emphasizing relationship building. You’ll be responsible for organizational talent and understand the diverse competencies required from today’s workforce.

Strategic Management

Build expertise to help organizations plan, monitor, analyze, and assess their strategies, policies, and processes to meet objectives while aligning with a specific vision or mission. You’ll also be able to help companies effectively use their resources to meet goals.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Supply chain professionals are needed in many of today’s organizations. An MBA in supply chain management emphasizes supply chain planning, forecasting, sourcing, and management to enhance customer service, reduce operating costs, and ensure excellence.

Transformational Studies

This MBA concentration allows you to build your own MBA. Take courses from multiple disciplines and learn to connect the dots between them to improve business results. Discover how to extract knowledge from multiple fields to eliminate functional silos and marry subjects that normally exist in their own vertical areas.

Venture & Innovation Development

Become an entrepreneurial leader who recognizes when and how to seize opportunity, take action, solve problems, navigate uncertainty, overcome mental blocks, and embrace challenges. Learn to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to apply creative thinking and solve complex problems.

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Possible Career Paths for MBA Specializations

What can you do with your MBA concentration? The answer depends on which specialization you chose.

Earning an MBA with a specific concentration prepares you for competitive niche roles that require a certain set of skills and expertise.

An MBA in supply chain management, for example, can lead to specialized roles at an organization involved in the supply chain—from manufacturers and vendors to transportation companies and retailers. You could direct sourcing, logistics, production, quality, operations, distribution, or cost and risk control.

With an MBA in health care administration, you can fill roles that call for someone in a leadership capacity to oversee operations, drive strategy, and track finances in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance, or specialty care.

MBA specializations can make finding the right career path easier and grab the attention of organizations, putting you at the top of candidate lists. They’re an indicator that you have a specific set of skills to bring to a specific industry or role.


Exceptional Experiences: MBA Concentrations

Practical and real-world lessons. What you learn in your online classes can be applied in the real world. Extend your education into the workplace to solve problems, find new ways to inspire and motivate, and try new business tactics. MBA concentrations allow you to learn not only from faculty but also from your classmates.

MBA curriculum with significance. A Master of Business Administration from Baker is a degree with clout. Our program is respected within Kansas City’s business community—and far beyond the state. Rigorous academic standards and innovative MBA concentrations ensure that you’ll graduate with the skills to succeed.

Start your business career anytime. Baker makes earning an MBA possible for students who don’t have undergraduate degrees in business. Pre-MBA Pathway courses prepare you for our online programs and give you the confidence to learn alongside students who come from the world of business.

Get a head start. If you know what field you want to pursue, then our MBA concentrations will give you a head start over earning a general MBA. You can build foundational business knowledge while sharpening skills and developing in-depth expertise in a specific industry or profession.

Financial Aid for MBA Concentrations

Baker University continues to be highly ranked for best online programs, including our MBA concentrations. We offer the highest ROI in Kansas and the highest average salary among graduates of universities in Kansas. Our MBA specializations are also approved for federal financial loans.

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Baker Is Military Friendly

Military Advanced Education named Baker University one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Veterans and active-duty service members and their spouses who want to earn an ADN to MSN may qualify for tuition discounts.

Military Benefits

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Examples of Online MBA Courses

We create advanced coursework for our MBA curriculum to address the way business works today—and how it will work tomorrow.

Whether you choose an MBA in supply chain management or an MBA in venture and innovative development—or any of our other MBA concentrations—these are just a few of the specialized MBA courses we offer for students who choose to focus their MBA:

  • Data Management (data analytics concentration): Learn how to answer questions by using data. Build in-demand job skills with a focus on real-world applications as you study different types of SQL, data aggregation, and how to join tables in SQL.
  • Investments and Portfolio Management (finance concentration): Investigate the complexities of investments, portfolio management, and security analysis while you manage an investment portfolio, distinguish risk and return, study diversification, and learn about the impact of economic and market variables.
  • Managing Health Care Information Systems (health care concentration): Understand the increasing presence of and reliance on information technology and information systems in health care organizations as you learn about how they’re used, the benefits they bring, and their limitations.
  • Advanced Employment Law (human resource management concentration): Investigate the legal and regulatory backdrop for the management of organizational human resources. Analyze how legislation and legal precedents guide employers’ actions and decisions and affect relationships with employees.
  • Business Global Environment (strategic management concentration): Uncover the institutions and operations involved in international businesses and the trends of doing business around the world. Learn to adapt managerial policies and practices to the global business environment.
  • Integrated Logistics Management (supply chain management and logistics concentration): Investigate the planning, coordination, and implementation actions required to distribute finished goods and services to customers. Analyze efficient planning, execution, and the systems that support supply chain logistics.
  • Venture Capitalism (venture and innovation development concentration): Understand the sources of capital for early-stage companies and the implications of the decisions companies make to fund operations. Explore issues in the valuation of ventures and how achievement of milestones can impact that valuation.

You can also choose to pursue an MBA in transformational studies, which allows you to pick a variety of electives across our MBA concentrations.

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