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Matthew R. Bice, PhD

Dean of Graduate and Online Education

Earn a Master of Business Administration Online

Get the credentials you need to expand your career options, be considered for career advancement, increase your salary, and boost business confidence—it’s all possible with an online MBA from Baker University.

Our Master of Business Administration helps you build specialized business and leadership skills that traditional organizations and emerging industries want from high-level managers and directors.

You’ll strengthen data analysis and quantitative abilities as you sharpen written and oral communication. The result? Superior leadership capabilities and organizational effectiveness to help businesses achieve aggressive goals.

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Choose from eight MBA concentration areas to gain a competitive edge in the field that interests you most:

Our focus on practical application helps you rebrand yourself in today’s competitive job market as you emerge as a more relevant, valuable leader.

At Baker, you earn your Master of Business Administration online. Study from anywhere as you prepare for director- and executive-level roles to help traditional organizations and emerging fields meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

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Program Details: Online MBA

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can earn a Master of Business Administration at Baker University without moving or leaving your full-time job.

  • Master of Business Administration online—earn your degree from anywhere.
  • Seven-week classes help you finish coursework quickly.
  • No GRE or GMAT needed.
  • Designed for working professionals.
  • Take 18 credit hours of foundational/core courses + 12 credit hours of concentration courses.

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Program Highlights: Master of Business Administration Online

When you compare your options for earning a Master of Business Administration, Baker University stands out to employers and recruiters. Our graduates tell us they appreciate these benefits the most:

Learn from business authorities. Our experienced online MBA faculty are unrivaled. They’re more than academic educators and discussion leaders—they’re well-known specialists and experts in corporate and local industries.

Focus on real projects. Instead of completing a thesis as part of your graduate program, you spend time working on special, real-world projects you can relate to and apply in your professional life.

It’s all about you. We model our online MBA based on your goals, schedule, and career path. We give you tools to make it far beyond the finish line.

You pick your start date. Because courses are held online and year-round, traditional start dates don’t apply here. You can start earning your degree whenever it works best for you.

A built-in network. The Baker University Alumni Association gives you a unique way to explore new job opportunities, connect with business leaders, and even explore mentor-mentee opportunities.

students in a master of business administration class

Exceptional Experiences: Master of Business Administration Online

Use what you learn. The knowledge you uncover in your online classes will be immediately transferable to your career. Solve problems, find new ways to inspire and motivate, and discover new business tactics. You’ll learn not only from faculty but also from your classmates—business professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

An online MBA with meaning. A Master of Business Administration from Baker commands respect within the Kansas City business community—and far beyond. We’re known for our rigorous academic standards, and your MBA degree is proof that you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

All backgrounds welcome. We make it possible to earn a Master of Business Administration online from Baker even when you don’t have an undergraduate degree in business. Our Pre-MBA Pathway courses give you the confidence you need to learn alongside other future business leaders.

Opportunity around every corner. Rewarding jobs for an MBA graduate are expected, of course—but this program offers so much more. Earn a higher salary, get a leg up on the competition, land more interviews, advance in your field, and become known as a business leader.


Jobs for an MBA Grad: What can you do with an online MBA?

Not all MBA degrees are created equal. Earning Baker’s Master of Business Administration online opens doors to new careers, job titles, and industries—and even the option of entrepreneurship.

The skills you build can easily transfer to several different roles and types of businesses. That’s why jobs for an MBA graduate from Baker are plentiful.

Your newfound expertise with a Master of Business Administration online will create these opportunities:

  • Shape, sustain, lead, inspire, and expand teams.
  • Form strategic business plans.
  • Implement change in positive ways.
  • Consult with other executives on business decision-making.
  • Creatively solve problems that affect staff, sales, and customers.
  • Cultivate business foresight.
  • Manage and oversee operations.

Possible Jobs for an MBA Graduate

More and more organizations expect their incoming leaders to have an MBA degree. Our Master of Business Administration can take you from the classroom to the boardroom. Possible jobs for an MBA can include the following:

  • Business development director
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Business operations director
  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Financial director
  • Human resources director
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing director
  • Product manager
  • Senior project manager

Financial Aid to Earn Your Master of Business Administration Online

Baker University is highly ranked for best online programs, including our MBA degree. We offer the highest ROI in Kansas and the highest average salary among graduates of universities in Kansas. The online MBA program is also approved for federal financial loans.

Financial Aid Options

Tuition & Fees

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Baker Is Military Friendly

Military Advanced Education named Baker University one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Veterans and active-duty service members and their spouses may qualify for tuition discounts.

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Meet Our Students

“I loved Baker University. I had such a great experience with all of the staff and all of the professors. The classes were perfect for me, as I am a full-time working mom. The classes I took are relevant to my career field on a daily basis. I genuinely think I am set up for success in any direction I choose to go.”

—Polen | Master of Business Administration, ’21

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Examples of Online MBA Courses

Baker’s advanced coursework is built to address the way business works today—and how it will work in the future.

These are just a few of the courses you’ll get to experience as you earn our Master of Business Administration:

  • Marketing Management and Strategy: Examine the issues facing today’s marketing managers in a dynamic and competitive global environment. Explore various functions of marketing and build competency for making effective marketing decisions.
  • Business Data and Analytics: Learn how to comprehend, analyze, and solve business challenges using data from internal and external sources and how to apply the latest data analysis techniques to support effective organizational decision-making across industries.
  • Executive Leadership: Examine major leadership perspectives and think critically as you apply leadership concepts related to managing change, influencing others, and the relationships between leaders and followers.
  • Strategic Planning for Competitive Organizations: Experience a real organization’s actual strategic planning process to identify its current situation, internal and external competitive positions, financial health, and market standing. From there, you’ll formulate realistic and attainable short- and long-term strategies to help the business achieve its organizational objectives.

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Related Programs at Baker University

In addition to offering an MBA degree, Baker University offers these business-related graduate programs:

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership: Focus on developing leadership skills like critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving. Learn about the difference between an MBA and an MAOL.

Master of Science in Sport Management: Develop skills in facility planning, event management, sports marketing, sports law, and more.

Coursework & Requirements

Admission Requirements

Types of Admission

Foundational & Core Courses

Human Resource Management Concentration | 12 credit hours

Strategic Management Concentration | 12 credit hours

Finance Concentration Courses | 12 credit hours

Health Care Administration Concentration | 12 credit hours

Supply Chain Concentration | 12 credit hours

Data Analytics Concentration | 12 credit hours

Transformational Studies Concentration | 12 credit hours

Venture and Innovation Development | 12 credit hours

Graduation Requirements