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One Shining Moment

The adrenaline rush. The feel of victory.


Office of Student Affairs

Kaitlyn Powell

Assistant Director of Student Activities

Long Student Center 205

Intramural sports at Baker give students all of that, plus they promote health, wellness, and a spirit of sportsmanship among the campus community. Most of all, intramurals are fun, with different sports all year-round.

With a range of competitive and non-competitive activities happening all year, our intramurals include traditional fall, winter, and spring sports such as basketball and flag football and also other sports such as dodgeball and cornhole.

Participation is free and open to all students, faculty, and staff members. Everyone is welcome, whether they are a first-string forward or an armchair quarterback.

Spring Schedule

The Bachelor Bracketology | Register by 4 p.m. January 3

Billiards | Register by 4 p.m. January 27

3-on-3 & 5-on-5 Basketball | Register by 4 p.m. January 27

Checkers | Register by 4 p.m. February 14

Texas Hold 'Em | Register by 4 p.m. February 17

Board Game NIght, ESPN Trivia | Register by 4 p.m. March 3

March Madness Bracketology | Register by 4 p.m. March 10

Volleyball | Register by 4 p.m. March 28

Cornhole | Register by 4 p.m. April 12

Ultimate Frisbee | Register by 4 p.m. April 12

Sand Volleyball | Register by 4 p.m. April 19

Have a question?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, contact the intramurals director at 785.594.8304 or

Who can participate in intramurals

How many teams can I play on?

I need to add a player to my roster. Can I do that? How do I do that?

Does it cost money to play?

My team did not show up, what happens to us?

It is raining, are we still playing?

Baker Experience


“Each year I look forward to participating in all the intramural sports that I can."
"I always have so much fun with it because it’s just a little bit of time to get away from school and goof around with my friends while getting some exercise. Anybody is welcome, and it’s also a great time to socialize with other students I might not be able to see every day. I think it’s awesome that Baker offers such a relaxed but very fun program for the student body!”


Class of 2017

Make Money by Refereeing

Intramurals offers a variety of employment opportunities for students, including officiating. Officials are paid a per-game rate to be determined by the particular sport and are supplied with a whistle and a stopwatch. Students are not required to qualify for work study in their financial aid to be an official. However, they need to fill out the paperwork with the Office of Human Resources, located in the lower level of Constant Hall, before they can receive payment.

Apply to Become a Referee