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Last spring Sammie Schroeder produced a video that won the grand prize of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Get Moving! student contest to promote activity. Her video promoting physical activity highlighted events organized by Baker University’s exercise science program and the Exercise Science Student Alliance.

As the grand prize winner, Schroeder, now a senior, received complimentary registration to the ACSM 63rd Annual Meeting, 7th World Congress on Exercise Is Medicine and World Congress on the Basic Science of Energy Balance. The international conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts, and on June 1, 2016, during the student colloquium, Dr. Steve Blair, former ACSM president, presented her with a $500 award.

“The video ran on a continuous loop at the entrance of the conference for the entire five days, which means all attendees—6,000 in total, from many countries—were exposed to Baker’s program during the conference,” said Dr. Chris Todden, assistant professor of exercise science.

The contest required students to highlight events promoting physical activity on their campuses and was open to students from around the world.

“Not only did Sammie produce the video, but as the president of the Exercise Science Student Alliance at Baker, she also was instrumental in planning and executing many of these wellness events,” Todden said. “An important part of Baker’s exercise science program is taking what students learn in the classroom into hands-on work in a variety of settings. Sammie’s video features students interacting with a variety of populations in physical activity and health settings.

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