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Biology & Chemistry

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Real-world approach to teaching.


Our chemistry majors say they feel better prepared in their careers or in graduate school than their peers from other schools.

Why?  Baker students have extensive opportunities to conduct research and get hands-on experience with the latest equipment. And small class sizes ensure close work with faculty in the classroom and laboratory.

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Baker students are accepted into medical school at a 87% rate. The national average is around 40%.

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Exceptional Experience


Get Ready for Graduate School

Our chemistry students have earned scholarships to major research programs, including the University of Kansas and Vanderbilt University.

Original Research

Our lab courses feature student-designed research projects, and most of our chemistry majors partner with a faculty member to pursue original projects.

Internships & Summer Research

Many students find internships or full-time summer work with doctors and professional chemists or in research programs at major universities.


Need more proof that Baker’s chemistry program prepares students for the future? Check out some of the jobs our chemistry majors have gotten after graduating:

  • Chief scientist at Oncimmune, which develops technology for early cancer detection
  • Forensic chemist for the FBI
  • Analysts in environmental chemistry and chemical synthesis
  • Chemistry professors and teachers
  • Medical doctors
  • Researchers
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The Department of Chemistry gives these awards with financial prizes to be applied to the following year’s tuition:

  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Biology
  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Howard T. Bonnett Scholarship and Mrs. Ivan L. Boyd Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret E. Scanlon Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • E.J. Cragoe Scholarship
  • Chemical Rubber Company Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
  • Sonia Browning Endowed Scholarship
  • Doris Cink and Kathryn Zimney Endowed Scholarship
  • Academic Recognition
  • Outstanding Senior in Biology
  • Outstanding Senior in Chemistry
  • Outstanding Junior in Biology
  • Outstanding Sophomore in Biology
  • Outstanding Freshman in Biology
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Do you want to teach chemistry?

Baker University’s undergraduate education programs license teachers in chemistry (6-12). Students pursuing a degree in education and teacher licensure work closely with faculty advisors from the School of Education to fulfill the requirements for a degree from Baker University and teacher licensure in Kansas. Candidates are required to complete education course work and the required course work in at least one content area.

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Noyce Scholarship & ASTRA Program

The Noyce Scholarship and ASTRA Program trains excellent STEM teachers. Through the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Grant from the National Science Foundation, Noyce scholars will be awarded a scholarship of $11,000 during their junior and senior years as they tackle a demanding course load that culminates in a double major in education and either biology, chemistry, or mathematics.

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Chemistry Course Descriptions

Meet the Faculty

Molly Anderson

Molly Anderson
Assistant Professor
B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Baker University; M.S. Johns Hopkins University
Expertise: chemical education
Office: Boyd Science Center 303

Michael BarbushDr. Michael Barbush
Professor of Chemistry, R. Milford White Chair in Chemistry
B.S. Baker University; M.A., Ph.D. Washington University
Expertise: organic chemistry, biochemistry
Office: Boyd Science Center 301

Dr. Jamin Perry
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.S. Missouri Southern State University, Ph.D. University of Missouri at Columbia
Expertise: physical chemistry
Office: Boyd Science Center 302

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