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Earn Your Doctorate in Education Leadership in P-12

Whether you’re an aspiring or current administrator, an EdD in Educational Leadership (P-12) from Baker University equips you with knowledge and expertise to improve learning outcomes for students in their most formative years.

Build skills that help you set P-12 districts, schools, students, and teachers in the right direction while creating positive and inclusive cultures that inspire and motivate.

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This doctorate in education leadership is built on five fundamental subjects to help you become an innovator who provides valuable services and guidance to diverse communities of families:

1. Effective leadership practices
2. Enrichment through diversity
3. Critical thinking and problem-solving
4. Communication and collaboration
5. Beliefs, values, and ethical issues


P-12 schools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools across the country are searching for professionals with a doctor of education in leadership who can transform schools by improving learning environments and approaches for P-12 students.

Baker’s recruiting team acts as your partner as you earn a doctorate in education leadership. We’ll help you plan your courses so you can efficiently complete the program and start the next phase of your career.

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Degree Details: Doctorate in Education Leadership (P-12)

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. At Baker, you can earn a doctor of education in leadership focused on P-12 environments without relocating or leaving your full-time job.

  • Earn a doctorate in education online from anywhere.
  • Complete courses quickly. Each class is held once a week in the evening for seven weeks.
  • Earn this doctor of education in leadership to take a district license test.
  • Classes are held year-round in our popular cohort model.

Start the journey toward your doctorate in education leadership by taking the first step in the admissions process.


Program Highlights: Doctorate in Education Leadership (P-12)

Develop your decision-making and leadership skills while spending just a few hours in class each week to earn a doctoral degree in education.

If you already have a master’s degree in educational administration and have obtained district-level licensure in Kansas or Missouri, then you’re eligible to earn a doctorate in education online at Baker with reduced credit hours and tuition.

You can expect these benefits from this doctorate in education leadership program as well:

  • Qualify for licensure.The objectives of our doctor of education in leadership program closely align with the Kansas State Department of Education’s professional standards for district leadership licensure, allowing you to obtain district-level (superintendent) licensure in Kansas.
  • Study online. Although many of our doctorate programs in education are held online, including the EdD in Leadership in P-12, you’ll be part of dynamic discussions between students and faculty that introduce new ideas and perspectives.
  • Take education to the next level. Earning a doctorate in education leadership prepares you to contribute to the creation high-performing schools and districts that promote excellence and equity among students and teachers.
  • Learn from practitioners. Study with administrators and experts in education leadership. Our close-knit environment supports personal attention and interaction.

Exceptional Experiences: Doctorate in Education Leadership

An accredited education. Our doctorate programs in education online are approved by the Higher Learning Commission and Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, which means they’re recognized by licensing boards and potential employers.

Prioritizing affordability. To make sure earning a doctorate in education leadership is feasible for you, Baker’s EdD in Educational Leadership in P-12 qualifies for federal financial loans.

Real-world practice. Two field experiences help you connect theory and knowledge with real-world leadership. These opportunities allow you to develop leadership skills and enhance learning communities.

High completion rates. More than 70 percent of Baker students complete our doctorate in education online or on campus. This number is higher than the national average and reflects the dedication and commitment of our students and faculty.


What Can You Do With an EdD in Leadership in P-12?

Make impactful changes at the district and school level in public or private P-12 settings, as well as online schools, county offices of education, and community organizations.

Learn about ethics, financial and organizational management, education policy, instructional strategies that reach diverse student populations, and assessing and applying research to establish new courses of action.

Baker’s doctorate in education online prepares you to take on these types of roles:

  • Chief school administrator
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant superintendent
  • Director of education
  • Principal
  • Assistant principal
  • Department chair

Whether you’re working directly with students and families, or you’re working behind the scenes on curriculum, instruction, and technology initiatives, you’ll play a significant part in building the world’s P-12 schools of the future.


When I think of Baker, I think of one word: relationships. A lot of what I do in my profession is centered around relationships, and a lot of what Baker does with their students through coursework and objectives is relationships. All of our professors and instructors are admirable.
They’re great at their jobs and great with people. As I finish a course, I can still call to those professors and ask for support and opinions.

BROOKE | EdD, ’16, MSSL ’10, BS ’07

Financial Aid: EdD in Higher Education Leadership

You might be surprised at how affordable doctorate programs in education online can be. You’ll find the return on investment you’re looking for with Baker University’s highly ranked online programs: higher lifetime earning potential, new career opportunities, and more.

In fact, Baker offers the highest return on investment of private colleges in Kansas and is in the top 15 percent nationwide, according to Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Financial Aid Options

Tuition & Fees

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Example Courses:Doctorate in Education Leadership

You will take classes like these while you earn your doctoral degree in education at Baker:

  • Leading Special and Diverse Populations: Examine leaders’ roles and responsibilities in diverse organizations and organizations that serve and employ individuals with diverse skills, needs, and abilities. Become familiar with statutory requirements, fiscal basis, organizational structures, and legal issues.
  • Management of Finances, Facilities, and Resources: Learn how to work with boards of education, employees, and communities; align facilities and financial resources with missions and goals; and plan, develop, and oversee budgets, facilities, and resources.
  • Developing Professional Learning Communities: Engage in topics like developing professional learning communities through constructivist leadership and educational reform. Discuss issues related to professional behavior and ethics with respect to students, peers, administrators, and teachers.
  • Communication and Collaboration in Leadership: Examine the philosophy, principles, practices, and organizations involved in or influencing programs and initiatives. Explore your creativity and expand your ability to lead complex teams and influence collaborative problem-solving.
  • Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues in Leadership: Develop skills in management, policy development, planning, organizational structure and performance, rights and confidentiality, and district or organization administrative legal issues.

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Educational Leadership Faculty

Phyllis Chase, EdD, Professor and Program Coordinator for EdD in Educational Leadership (PK-12)

Li Chen-Bouck, PhD, Associate Professor and Research Analyst

Harold Frye, EdD, Associate Professor

Justin Hawpe, EdD, Lecturer

Russell Kokoruda, EdD, Assistant Professor and Director of the MSSL-DFE Program

Susan Rogers PhD, Associate Professor

Martin Stressman, EdD, Adjunct Lecturer

Margaret (Peg) Waterman, EdD, Associate Professor

Denis Yoder, EdD, Associate Professor

Charlsie Prosser, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of the School of Education Undergraduate Programs

Stephanie Hill, EdD, Director of Academics