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Earn Your EdD in Higher Education Leadership Degree


If want to lead the future of higher education and empower students and faculty in a diverse and transforming world, then an EdD in Leadership in Higher Education from Baker University will guide you there.

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While you build skills to become a more effective leader, you’ll also study all perspectives of the decision-making process at the higher education executive level—from ethics and data to organizational and policy development.

Become a changemaker who drives student success, powerful institutional outcomes, and strategic planning with a degree in higher education.


The EdD in higher education leadership degree from Baker offers these benefits:

  • Fits the demanding schedules of practicing administrators who already juggle families and careers in higher education.
  • Provides a cohort experience that focuses on shared learning with peers who share similar professional goals.
  • Is built on the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education’s guidelines to foster and enhance your learning and achievement.
  • Helps connect you to a higher education mentor through directed field experiences that build your network and give you a chance to apply what you learn.

Our higher education leadership program prepares you for effective and esteemed leadership in today’s changing higher education environment. You’ll learn to rethink the status quo and find unique ways to overcome heightened challenges—from hybrid and blended education delivery to meeting the needs of underrepresented students.

Baker’s recruitment team acts as your partner as you earn an EdD in higher education leadership degree online. We’ll help you plan your courses so you can efficiently complete the program and start the next phase of your career.

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Degree Details: EdD in Higher Education Leadership

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can earn a higher education leadership doctorate at Baker without relocating or leaving your full-time job.

  • Get your EdD in higher education leadership degree online from anywhere.
  • Finish coursework quickly with accelerated, seven-week classes held in the evening.
  • Classes are held year-round for our degree in higher education program in our popular cohort model.

Start the journey toward an EdD in higher education by taking the first step in the admissions process.


Program Highlights: EdD in Leadership in Higher Education

Our EdD in higher education leadership degree informs your educational and leadership practices so you can make positive change. Help two- and four-year institutions create flourishing futures for their students, faculty, and staff.

Just one night a week is all it takes to build your higher education leadership skills.

Here’s what else you can expect from our program:

  • Receive excellent ROI. Our education programs are highly ranked for affordability. Our grads earn the highest average salaries among graduates of universities in Kansas.
  • Join valuable discussions. The discussions that take place between students and faculty online expose you to new ideas and feedback.
  • Become a strong candidate. Earning an EdD in higher education leadership degree validates our students’ commitment to the field as they pursue careers in higher education. The expertise and insight you gain here will create a long-lasting positive effect on the community around you.
  • Build resilient skills. Our program empowers you to translate theory into practice. Learn how to collect and analyze data, lead diverse teams, make well-informed decisions, conduct learning sessions, and create constructive education environments.
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Exceptional Experiences: EdD in Higher Education

Accreditation assures quality. This degree in higher education is approved by the Higher Learning Commission, which means it’s recognized by licensing boards and potential employers.

Financial help is available. To make your EdD in higher education more affordable amid your many financial commitments, our higher education leadership program qualifies for federal financial loans.

Deep learning experiences. Our passionate and experienced faculty—many who are current or former administrators—care deeply about the future of education and want to do everything they can to prepare students for successful careers in higher education.

No comprehensive exams. Instead of requiring a comprehensive exam after you complete your courses, the portfolio of work you build throughout the program acts as an assessment of your knowledge.


What Can You Do With an EdD in Higher Education Leadership?

Our EdD in higher education prepares you for leadership careers in higher education. Be a sought-after candidate for roles at two- and four-year colleges and universities, as well as in education organizations, nonprofits, and foundations.

Baker’s EdD in Leadership in Higher Education gets you ready to advance at your current organization or join a new institution in a higher-level role:

  • President
  • Provost
  • Vice president
  • Chief academic or learning officer
  • Dean
  • Department chair
  • Admissions director
  • Assessment director
  • Director
  • Major committee leader
  • Registrar
  • Training and development leader

Whether you’re working in a visible role to oversee institutions, programs, and departments, or you’re working behind the scenes to develop and assess curriculum and instructional methods, you’ll be a valuable part of the future of higher education.

Meet Our Higher Education Leadership Students


Baker University gave me the skills, confidence, and experiences so I was ready to succeed in whatever direction my higher education career path might lead me.
Dr. Bruner serves as the assistant vice president for student affairs and enrollment and the dean of students at Missouri Western State University.
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Financial Aid: EdD in Higher Education Leadership

You might be surprised at how reasonable the cost of a higher education leadership degree can be. You’ll find the return on investment you’re looking for with Baker University’s highly ranked online programs: higher lifetime earning potential, new careers in higher education, and more.

In fact, Baker offers the highest return on investment of private colleges in Kansas and is in the top 15 percent nationwide, according to Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

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Tuition & Fees

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Example Courses:Higher Education Leadership

An EdD in higher education leadership degree from Baker connects you to classes like these:

  • Foundations and Contemporary Leadership: Study higher education missions and goals and discover how philosophy and history shape curriculum. Learn about the nature of leadership, leadership models and styles, beliefs and values related to leadership, and leadership research and best practices.
  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management: Build skills to develop, implement, and assess student programs, including admissions, advising, financial aid, career services, housing, disabilities services, student health, and more. You’ll also study marketing, recruitment, and retention as they apply to higher education.
  • Legal Issues and Human Resource Management: Understand student, faculty, and staff rights related to ethical behavior and legal issues. Study HIPAA, FERPA, the Clery Act, ADAAA, Title IX, and other laws that impact higher education. Policy and procedure development that aligns with federal and state law is also covered.
  • Methods of Inquiry and Research: Divided into two parts—qualitative and quantitative methods—this course teaches basic research design and helps you begin to develop ideas and research topics for your dissertation.

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Higher Education Leadership Faculty

Sally Winship, EdD, Associate Professor, and Program Coordinator for the Doctor of Education in Leadership in Higher Education

Li Chen-Bouck, PhD, Associate Professor and Research Analyst

Sheri Barrett, EdD, Associate Professor

Tracy Cooper, PhD, Assistant Professor

Judy Korb, PhD, Assistant Professor

Tes Mehring, PhD, Professor

Arminda “Mindy” McCallum, EdD, Associate Professor

Verneda Edwards, EdD, Retired Dean of the School of Education

Charlsie Prosser, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of the School of Education Undergraduate Programs

Stephanie Hill, EdD, Director of Academics