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Earn Your Online Organizational Management Degree at Baker University


Earning an organizational management degree from Baker University helps you understand the ins and outs of how business truly works.

You’ll discover how your newfound talents can have a positive, long-term impact on the people you work with—and the organization you work for.

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Whether you want to lead people, run a department of your own, or create effective company strategy, a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in organizational management will provide you with a foundation you can build on in any environment.

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Our organizational management degree emphasizes a flexible curriculum to prepare you for a wide variety of career paths. While you learn, you’ll also develop adaptable business and organizational management skills:

  • Build effective interpersonal and group relationships.
  • Gain broad knowledge about all aspects of business—from sales to finance.
  • Resolve the complex management issues that arise as new ways of working emerge.
  • Guide and support changing workplaces as they embrace hybrid workforces and data-driven decision-making.

Along the way, our expert faculty are by your side to provide coaching and support based on their own organizational management experiences.

This online organizational management degree is designed by working professionals for those who want to earn a bachelor’s in business administration with a major in organizational management—but don’t have lots of time.

Once your courses are complete, you’ll have an organizational management degree that will open many career opportunities.

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Organizational Management Degree Details

You can earn an online organizational management degree at Baker University without relocating or leaving your full-time job:

  • Earn your organizational management degree online from anywhere.
  • Accelerated classes help you finish coursework quickly.
  • Take one course at a time.
  • Thrive in a well-known program designed for working professionals.
  • Earn your business degree in organizational management in as few as two years, depending on transfer credits.

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Online Organizational Management Degree Highlights

Choosing a major in organizational management is a decision that will provide lasting value.

Here are just a few reasons to consider earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in organizational management at Baker University:

Rankings and affordability. Baker University is highly ranked for best online programs. A study completed by Georgetown University found that Baker offers the highest ROI of private universities in Kansas. And according to the U.S. Department of Education, our alumni earn and the highest average salaries among graduates of universities in Kansas.

Real-world relevancy. The lessons, skills, and tactics you learn in class translate directly to your workplace. Your colleagues will take note as you apply what you learn to your current role to improve morale, profit, and processes.

Ongoing support. From answering questions about returning to school to finalizing enrollment, your enrollment recruiter will be with you at every step. Once enrolled, you’ll have an academic advisor to guide you through degree completion planning, help you manage course scheduling, and connect you to resources for success.

Lasting connections. Baker believes in the value of relationships. Create close connections with faculty who want to see you succeed as you earn an online organizational management degree. Interact with active alumni who support our online BBA program and can guide you to lucrative employment opportunities.

Individual attention. Even though you’re earning an online organizational management degree, you’ll feel like part of a real-life community. Personalized attention from professors and career-advising professionals gives you the support you need.

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Set your goal

4+1 BBA to MBA Dual-Degree Program

Students who earn an undergraduate business degree from Baker Online or our College of Arts and Sciences in Baldwin City can earn an MBA in one year. This program is open to current students and graduates.

Students participating in the 4+1 program must complete seven of the 10 required courses to earn their MBA. Academic advisors will design an academic plan for students that will allow them to complete the remaining 21 credit hours in one year.


What Can You Do With an Organizational Management Degree?

Build the authority, skills, and qualifications you need to set realistic and achievable goals, motivate team members, and make things happen.

Organizations of all kinds are looking for people with management skills who can also foster good relationships, take initiative, solve problems, and make smart decisions.

While you earn an online organizational management degree at Baker, you’ll also build expertise in these areas:

  • Agility and strategy
  • Economics
  • Finance and accounting
  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing and business development
  • Project planning
  • Technology

Earning your online BBA with a major in organizational management is the start of your new future. Pursue a position in a new field, get that promotion, or become a better manager.

Possible Organizational Management Career Paths

Nearly every type of business is searching for leaders to help them meet objectives and build a competitive edge. Earning our online organizational management degree can qualify you for positions in several fields, including these:

  • Advertising
  • Business development
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Human resources and talent acquisition
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofits
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Sales or customer service
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Exceptional Experiences: Online BBA in Organizational Management

We’ll help you make time. Your schedule may be full, but you can seamlessly blend our coursework with the commitments you already have. New classes start every six weeks, and online classes are held year-round.

Study with management experts. Our business instructors have decades of real-world work experience. They’re accomplished professionals in business and project management across diverse fields, serving as both professors and mentors. You’ll learn from their successes and failures as they challenge you to reflect on and critically examine what you learn.

Show the world you’re one of a kind. An organizational management degree from Baker stands out. This credential tells potential employers that you have what it takes to meet high standards—and the knowledge and skills to effect positive change.

Earn course credit in new ways. Our Prior Learning and Assessment Center offers flexible, efficient ways to recognize the college-level learning you already have through work experience. We can help you find ways to earn credit in nontraditional ways, saving time and money.

Financial Aid for Your Online Organizational Management Degree

You’ll earn a strong return on your investment at Baker University. Find out what types of financial aid are available to you as you earn your online BBA in organizational management, making the degree even more affordable.

Tuition Rates & Fees

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Baker Is Military Friendly

Military Advanced Education named Baker University one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Veterans and active-duty service members and their spouses may qualify for tuition discounts.

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Meet Our Students

“Throughout my time at Baker University, the professors have been great. I’ve actually been implementing a lot of the [course] material into my own business. If someone would’ve told me years ago that I would be a 4.0 student at a highly accredited university, I never would have believed it.”

—Craig | Bachelor of Business Administration, ’18

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Examples of Organizational Management Degree Courses

Each online BBA course lasts six weeks. All classes are available year-round so you can fit them into your schedule.

These are just a few of the curriculum offerings that make up our online BBA with a major in organizational management:

Entrepreneurship: As you examine the problems, opportunities, and methods of starting a new business or running a small business, you’ll learn how to apply forecasting, venture capital, trade finance, marketing, staffing, structuring, budgeting, and cost control to successfully develop and operate a new initiative.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: As you learn about the psychodynamics of conflict, you’ll also study the evolution and application of conflict resolution so you’re ready to constructively interact and lead.

Leading and Coaching Teams: Study models for leading and coaching teams and learn to apply these concepts to develop structures, processes, and strategies that create and maintain highly functioning teams.

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Related Programs at Baker University

In addition to an online organizational management degree, Baker University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program offers four other majors:

  • Human resources major: Learn the ins and outs of staffing, employee compensation and benefits, recruitment, and training and development.
  • Marketing major: Build knowledge and skills to plan, develop, deliver, and manage marketing strategies for a variety of businesses and organizations.
  • Project management major: Manage the process of creating a unique product, service, or result by managing project teams through effective leadership, communication, and team building.
  • Sport management major: Work in an industry you love that combines the thrill of teamwork and competition with a commitment to building successful and profitable sports enterprises.

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