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Using Strategic Teaching to Develop Skilled Readers


This course is designed for teachers who are seeking fresh ideas to support reading development of their students. Teachers in this course will examine reading goals, explore a variety of … Continued

Digital Tools for Math Instruction


Are you a K-12 math educator who would like to incorporate more digital tools in your daily math instruction? This course is for you! This course will take a deep … Continued

Mental Wellness: The Happiness Advantage


In this course, participants will study 7 actionable principles that have been proven to enhance productivity, improve performance, and maximize potential. The Happiness Advantage will show you how impactful a … Continued

Tech Tools: Quick, Easy and Free


This course is designed for teachers who aspire to enhance their classroom with technology. Students who take this course will be provided the necessary knowledge, resources, and experience to use … Continued

Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom


The responsibilities that come with teaching are rapidly changing. And with that change comes a lot of stress. This course will discuss what mindfulness is and how you can bring … Continued

10 Ideas to Revitalize Your Classroom Design


Do you feel your classroom could use a makeover, but you are unsure where you will find the time and motivation to accomplish this task? That cool couch you see … Continued

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in our Classrooms


This course is designed to provide K-12 educators strategies for including social and emotional learning (SEL) in their classrooms. SEL enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to … Continued

Helping Students Tackle Primary Sources


In this course you will learn best practices for using primary and secondary sources to help students understand important places/times/people in history. You will be provided with the necessary knowledge, … Continued

Reading Strategies


This course is designed for K-8 teachers who are looking for new strategies to supplement their existing literacy framework. Strategies taught in this course are cross-linked to skills, genres, and … Continued