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The Baker University Four-Year Guarantee

The Baker University Four-Year Guarantee

The Four-Year Guarantee keeps you on track to graduate in four years and saves you money and time. Learn more and apply today!

The Four-Year Guarantee keeps you on track to graduate in four years and saves you money and time. Learn more and apply today!

Nationwide, less than 50% of first-time, full-time students seeking a bachelor’s degree graduate on time. But Baker guarantees it. Baker University is committed to offering an exceptional education and campus experience to students that prepares them for meaningful careers and purposeful lives. For our undergraduate programs on the Baldwin City campus and nursing program in Topeka, we are proud to offer a four-year graduation guarantee for first-time, full-time students enrolling fall 2019 and beyond. Not only does this save on expenses for our students, it is also an exceptional return on investment.

The Baker University four-year graduation guarantee is our promise to incoming freshmen to keep them well informed and provide them with an academic advisor to aid them in developing a personal plan for satisfying the requirements for their degree in four years, whether they spend all four on the Baldwin City campus or finish their last two years in the nursing program in Topeka. To take advantage of the four-year guarantee, interested students must follow required guidelines and sign a contract with their advisor before the end of their freshman year. If a student meets the requirements and finds that they are unable to graduate in four years, Baker will cover the tuition for the remaining required courses to complete the degree for free.

How It Works

When you enroll, you must tell your advisor that you are interested in the Four-Year Guarantee and sign a contract committing to follow these guidelines:

  • Declare a major by the end of your freshman year, or based on a review of a changed major by the academic advisor at any time.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment in an undergraduate program for eight consecutive semesters.
  • Successfully complete all degree requirements for at least one academic major.
  • Maintain good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Pass all classes required for graduation and earn a grade higher than a C (2.0) in classes required in the major.


  1. The music and secondary education academic programs and majors may require more than eight semesters and therefore are not eligible for the Four-Year Guarantee.
  2. The Four-Year Guarantee is not offered at the School of Professional and Graduate Studies for its undergraduate degree programs.
  3. In the event that a student falls out of compliance with the contract due to financial constraints, academic performance, change of major, or other issues, they should work closely with their advisor to determine if options are available to get back into compliance.

For more information about the Baker University Four-Year Guarantee, contact an admissions counselor.

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