Alpha Mu Gamma initiates

Delta Mu Delta (Business Administration)

Delta Mu Delta (Business Administration)

Faculty Advisors
Kevin McCarthy

Martha Harris

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society for students of business administration. Acceptance into the society is the highest national honor a business student can earn. Membership brings with it a lifetime of prestige, recognition, and opportunity. Only members of Delta Mu Delta are eligible for federal employment at the GS-7 level.

Baker students have been awarded $9,200 in scholarships since our chapter’s installation in 1996.

Because fellow members have also demonstrated excellent academic achievement, tremendous networking opportunities stem from membership. Members are eligible to attend special events where they meet current and future business leaders from across the country. Members also attend national meetings held in major cities across the United States. Potential members are reviewed as juniors, and new members are admitted at the end of their junior year.

Delta Mu Delta was formed in 1913 by five professors of commerce, finance, and accounts at New York University. As the organization has evolved, it has gained membership in the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) and become the national honor society in business administration.