Baldwin City Campus

A major in sociology, alone or combined with another discipline, can lead to many professional and academic opportunities. Learn about opportunities for graduates with a degree in sociology.

Scientific Study of Social Behavior, Social Structures
& Social Change

In the first two years you will complete courses in the foundations of sociological thinking, studying: 

  • How societies are organized
  • How societies change
  • The nature of social inequality
  • The connections between individual behavior and social groups

You will also learn the skills needed to conduct research on social dynamics, mostly as you prepare for your senior research project on a topic of your choice. Elective coursework is organized into three subfields:

  • How social patterns are created and change
  • Relationships between individuals and groups, institutions and culture
  • How social differences are created and maintained in society

Design a Program to Fit Your Interests & Career Goals

One of the unique experiences at Baker is working closely with a faculty advisor to build a plan for your baccalaureate experience. You also will have opportunities in historical, political and social arenas through internships, directed research and work-study positions.

Majors, Minors & Concentrations

The Department of History, Culture and Society offers a major and minor in sociology. It also offers several interdisciplinary minors and concentrations:

Courses required for these programs are listed in the current catalog. Students interested in the study of sociology may also look into business, psychology and Spanish.