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These Web-based timetables are for general public use and will be updated as changes occur until the start of a given academic term. The only official timetable is the one maintained by the Office of the Registrar. No change to the official timetable is effective until announced by the Office of the Registrar.

pdf Timetable Guide/Course Abbreviations

Instructions for Web-Based Timetables

General Hints & Tips

The timetables are best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer. To view the timetables without scroll bars whenever possible, your resolution should be set to 1024×768. Finally, the timetables do make use of Macromedia’s Flash technology, so you may be asked to install this software if your machine does not already support it.


Should users choose to print out portions of the timetable for use when they are away from an Internet-connected computer, please follow these suggestions for best results.

  • Select Landscape print mode. Not all columns in the timetable will fit on one page in portrait mode.
  • In Internet Explorer, users can choose to print background images and colors, but the default is not set up to do so. To change this, select Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced, and check the box under Printing.
  • To save paper and ink, use the search capabilities of these Web-based timetables to list only the areas or courses you are interested in, then print the results, rather than printing all 399 courses.
  • Approximately 40 courses will print per page, except the first page, which will contain the search parameters.


The image below is an example of the many types of searches that can be performed to locate the courses you need.

In this particular example, the user has chosen not to use one of the Quick Links on the left, but rather to define the search parameters. Our test user has decided to search for all courses where the Section ID starts with “AC,” which then returns all seven courses being offered in the Fall 2002 semester in Accounting. The results line directly above the course listing confirms this and notes the date and time the search took place.

pdfTimetable Guide/Course Abbreviations

Other options for defining or narrowing a search are available. For instance, the example above searches in the Section ID field. However, clicking on the top drop-down selector will show a list of all searchable fields, e.g., Instructor, Start Time, Days. Results obtained will be ordered by the choice made in this top drop-down selector and secondarily sorted by the choice made in the drop-down selector below the first. The default option for both drop-down selectors is Section ID.

For example, let’s say you need to search for a particular instructor, but you want the results secondarily sorted by the start time for the course. You would select “Instructor” in the top drow down and then “Starts” in the second drop down.

The next drop-down selector lets users define how they want their search performed. The default option is Starts With, which means the search will be performed by looking for matches at the beginning of the data in the chosen field.

The image above has Starts With chosen, and then “AC” was entered into the search field. This will perform a search for any Section ID values that begin with “AC.” The search is not case sensitive, so “ac” would have worked just as well.

Finally, notice that to the right of the “GO” button are explanations for each option of this drop-down selector. The instructions change to match the chosen selection.

Most of these options are fairly self-explanatory, but the Range option can be a bit tricky at first. This option allows users to search for results on any field based on a range they define. To define this range, certain steps must be taken. First, the low end of the range must be entered, followed immediately by a plus sign (+) then followed immediately by the high end of the range.

An example of how to do this can be seen by clicking on the Evening Courses Quick Link, which uses a range of time to bring back results. For this circumstance, our low-end range was 17:00 (time must be entered in 24-hour format and must use a colon between hours and minutes) followed by a plus sign (+) then followed by 23:00 as the high end of the range.

Follow these steps to create the entire search for Evening Courses:

  1. Select “Starts” from the first drop-down selector because we want to search for courses that start within this time period.
  2. Select “Range” from the second drop-down selector because we want to define a range of times within which courses could possibly start.
  3. Enter “17:00+23:00” into the search field.
  4. Click the “GO” button to retrieve the courses.

One final note on defining searches: Although the Quick Links are handy for both retrieving common courses and learning how to create searches, searches similar to the UC Gen ED Courses Quick Link cannot be performed by users at this time. We hope to include this functionality soon.

Special Topics Course Descriptions | Fall 2018

CO/RE495 ST: The Bible, Nonviolence, and the Liberal Arts (3 credits)

TR 2:00pm-3:20pm, Instructor Dr. Susan Emel

This course is designed to take a close look at biblical texts that relate to a philosophy of nonviolence.  Drawing upon scholarship from the Reformed, Catholic and Mennonite perspectives, students will read a variety of thinkers on the topic, as well as directly explore the Bible.  This course will be conducted in seminar format.

EX295 ST: Dance I, 2nd-Half (1 credit)

MW 2:30pm-3:20pm, Instructor Tim Flattery

This is an introductory course on dance. Students will explore various styles of dance as well as work to  improve balance, strength, and flexibility. This class is participation oriented.  Movement is presented by means of demonstration and description. Practice and repetition are the primary modes of learning and are followed by correction, clarification, and more detailed analysis. Fundamental dance exercises will progress from the simple to the more complex during the semester.  Therefore, movement material will become more complicated and demanding, integrated and refined.

HI495 A ST: History of the South (3 credits)

MWF 12:30pm-1:20pm, Instructor Jennifer Tope

This course examines the history of the American South through readings, lectures, and discussions.  The primary topics will include: slavery, race relations, class, economic development, politics, and the modern civil rights movement.

HI495 B ST: The American Civil War (3 credits)

MWF 10:30am-11:20am, Instructor Jennifer Tope

This course explores the American Civil War, including its causes and aftermath, through readings, discussions, and lectures.  In addition to examining the battles, the course covers numerous aspects of the war, including its unprecedented casualties, the soldiers’ experience, diplomacy, and the post-war myth of the Lost Cause.

SP295 ST: Introduction to Business Spanish (1 credit)*

M, 8:30am-9:20am, Instructors Katherine Soll and Dr. Kevin McCarthy

Pre-requisites:  SP112 or approved placement test results

This course is designed to introduce students to the linguistic and cultural skills needed for the Spanish-speaking business world.  Students will develop an initial awareness of the nature and scope of business and economic activity in the Spanish-speaking world; expand business-specific vocabulary, understanding and usage; and identify basic cultural components, variation and differences relative to business across the Spanish-speaking world.

*SP295 may not be used to fulfill the B.A. or B.S. language requirements.  It may be counted as an elective towards the Spanish minor.

New Course Offerings | Fall 2018

BS430 Business Analytics (3 credits)

MWF 11:30am-12:20pm, Instructor Dr. Kevin McCarthy

Students will understand evolving trends in business analytics; elements of the analytics landscape; relationships among data science, business intelligence, data mining, and analytics; analytic industry, including career perspectives; and ethical and societal considerations.  Students will demonstrate ability to deal with data management challenges; skills with descriptive analytics and visualization; mastery of selected approaches in predictive modeling.

MU230 Trebel Choir (1 credit)

MW 2:30pm-3:20pm, Instructor Dr. Ryan Olsen

Treble Choir is open to all Baker students, faculty, and staff who sing soprano and alto. No audition or previous singing experience is required. Treble Choir performs once or twice during the semester in campus concerts and occasionally at other events, as requested. The choir performs SSAA repertoire from the history of all choral traditions as well as music of contemporary composers.

Treble Choir is repeatable for credit.

Course Catalogs

Unless you have notified the Office of the Registrar that you are switching to a more recent version, you should use the catalog that was published for the year you entered Baker.

Enrollment Process

Students enroll online after an advising period. Real-time enrollment through MyBaker portal occurs according a seniority system based on cumulative hours earned.

Deferments, Enrollment Verifications & Certifications

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for reporting information to third parties from the official student academic record. Loan deferments and verification of enrollment and school status are the most common requests. Requests are processed as quickly as possible. However, you should allow four or five business days for completion of a typical request. If you need the Secretary of State Apostille’s seal on a certified document, it may be subject to a processing fee and you should allow 30 days for processing.

Loan Deferment

For loan deferment requests, please contact your current loan servicer(s) and request an In-School Deferment form or download it here:
pdfIn-School Deferment.

Additional Financial Aid and Deferment Forms for School of Graduate & Professional Studies and School of Education.

Complete the form and submit it to the Baker University Office of the Registrar:

Deferments will be completed once classes have started and the instructor has posted attendance (if applicable).

Lender information can be found through the National Student Loan Data System at www.nslds.ed.gov

Degree or Enrollment Verifications

For Current Students

Please contact the Office of the Registrar:

For Third-Party Verifiers

The National Student Clearinghouse is our authorized agent for providing degree and enrollment verifications for third parties. Please visit www.degreeverify.org to make your request.

Policies & Notification

FERPA Statement

Baker University maintains compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 as amended. FERPA defines educational requirements, which are designed to protect the privacy of students concerning their records maintained by Baker University.

Full FERPA Statement

Notice of Nondiscrimination

It is the policy of Baker University to afford equal opportunity for all persons. As such, the university will not discriminate based on an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, or other status protected by law, in admission to or employment in its education programs or activities.

Full Notice of Nondiscrimination

ADA Policy

Baker University is committed to providing “reasonable accommodations” in keeping with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disability Act of 1992. Students must provide appropriate documentation of the disability, which should include appropriate diagnostic testing and a recommendation form prepared by qualified personnel outside of Baker University. “Reasonable accommodations” will be determined by university staff in consultation with the student, faculty and/or staff member. Accommodations are not retroactive.

Full ADA Statement

Disclaimer | Changes in University Regulations

Baker University reserves the right to make modifications to degree requirements, courses, schedules, calendars, regulations and fees as deemed necessary or conducive to the efficient operation of the university. Such changes become effective as announced by the proper university officials.

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