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Baker University is committed to finding innovative ways to extend quality educational opportunities.

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Online learning meets the lifelong learning needs of nontraditional students.

Time constraints, work schedules, and geographical limitations can make it difficult to earn a degree, but Baker is dedicated to making that process as easy as possible for our students. Online courses offer the flexibility to engage in course work whenever and wherever it’s convenient. We offer both individual online courses and degrees earned entirely online—from your home, from your favorite coffee shop, wherever. Take your education with you wherever you go.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration | Major in Business Leadership

The business leadership course work develops leadership skills and teaches strategies to increase organizational effectiveness and meet business challenges.

Bachelor of Business Administration | Major in Management

The management program develops and refines the management skills needed for success in today’s global business environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration | Major in Marketing

This program provides the knowledge and skills to plan, develop, deliver, and manage marketing strategies for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program prepares you for a professional career in the criminal justice system, law school, or further study in a graduate program.

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Psychology

This psychology program gives you a well-rounded understanding of human behavior that you can use in any professional field.

Associate of Arts in Business

The Associate of Arts in Business introduces you to the fundamentals of business and includes all of the general education credits required for completing the Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Management program.

Master’s & Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Education in Instructional Design & Performance Technology

The Ed.D. in IDPT program prepares professionals to use instructional design and performance technology, particularly in the growing field of online learning and training, to lead and direct the training and performance in a variety of workplaces. It is the only online doctoral program of its type in the region.

Master of Science in Instructional Design & Performance Technology

The MS in IDPT program prepares graduates to use instructional design and performance technology, particularly in the growing field of online learning and training, to carry out training in a variety of workplaces and fields including education and the military.

Master of Arts in Education

The MAEd program helps practicing classroom teachers develop the skills to become exemplary educational leaders and increase earning power.

Master of Science in School Leadership

The MSSL program prepares future administrators for the issues and challenges found in schools today. Graduates are prepared to secure a PK-12 building administration license in Kansas or a certificate in Missouri.

Master of Science in Special Education

The MSSE program prepares you to work with K-12 students who have high-incidence learning disabilities, making you both highly marketable and highly valuable to school districts. After you’ve completed the first three courses in the program, you will be eligible to apply for a provisional license. You will be eligible to apply for full licensure at the end of the program.

Master of Science in Student Affairs for Leadership in Higher Education

The MSSA-LHE provides the advanced degree and professional experience employers in higher education seek. Two individualized practicums based on your career goals ensure hands-on work experience.

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The MAOL program provides future organizational leaders the opportunity to develop collaborative, versatile leadership skills in social justice, global citizenship, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA course work prepares future business leaders to meet the demands of traditional organizations and emerging fields in an ever-changing marketplace. Chose from four concentrations: Finance, Health Care Administration. Human Resources, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Master of Science in Sports Management 

The MSSM program provides future sport industry professionals the opportunity to develop skills in facility planning, event management, sports marketing, and sports law. The program links the classroom with experienced professionals to create a learning community centered on best practices, relevance, and current trends in the sports industry.

Graduate Business Certificates

Graduate certificates allow professionals to increase marketability, strengthen knowledge in an area vital to business and leadership, and enhance earning potential. Earn a certificate in health care administration, human resources, leadership, and organizational change, or finance.

Master of Science in Nursing

Shape the next generation of health-care professionals. The robust online curriculum integrates advanced nursing theory with evidence-based nursing practices. Graduates will apply these skills to careers in nursing education and nursing administration.

Recertification Courses for Educators

Recertification & Professional Development Courses

Choose from professional development and recertification courses in diverse content areas on a variety of topics.

Continuing Education for Educators

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